Questions Hunt {App Review}

Monday, August 31, 2015
Appy Monday! Today I have a new app to share with you from Virtual Speech Center! I am pretty excited about this one because I don't know one SLP that has a caseload void of a goal regarding asking or answering questions. This seems to be something we all work on. Speaking personally, I know I can always use a fun new way to target this goal. 
Disclaimer: VSC did provide me with a copy of this app, however, all opinions expressed in this review are my own.
When you first open the app, you are brought to the screen shown above. Here is where you can adjust the settings, get information on the app, access student reports, or simply start the app. To begin, click on start.You are then brought to a page where you can add/choose the students you will be working with. I really love apps that allow for multiple users at a time, and this app is one of them. After you choose your student(s), you are then prompted to choose what type of questions (yes/no, what, where, who, when, why, how) as well as well as the scene the questions will be presented at (beach, park, store, airport, school, camping) My students really enjoy choosing their own scenes!
The student who's turn it is will have his/her name presented at the top of the screen. In the picture above, the airport scene was chosen. The student is to click on the question marks. Each question mark will prompt the student with a question. Another thing I really like about this app is the option to change the questions from receptive to expressive by clicking on the green box at the top of the screen.
Example of a WHY question in the fishing scene. 
Example of a YES/NO question in the beach scene. 
Example of a WHEN question in the school scene. 
When you are finished, you can access the students' individual reports. There is an option to email the report. I like this option for quick and valuable communication with both parents and teachers.
My students and I have both really enjoyed this app. I love that there is a wide range of questions available- with both a receptive and expressive option. I have used this app for both practice on answering questions as well as an assessment tool to see progress with answering different types of questions. The graphics are colorful and inviting and price is very fair. If you are looking for a new fun way to target answering questions, I would absolutely recommend this app!
You can learn more about this app and download a copy in the iTunes store, here!

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