In My APPinion: Step By Step by SOAR Therapy LLC

Thursday, February 5, 2015
Appy Thursday! I hope you all have had a great week… it's almost Friday! I wanted to share a new sequencing app with you called, Step By Step. I have had quite a few students on my caseload with sequencing goals. One problem that I have frequently run into is running out of sequencing activities. I don't want to use the same cards every week with my students because they start to memorize the order the cards go into. So when I was contacted  by SOAR Therapy to review this app, I was very interested in seeing what kind of sequencing activities this app had to offer. 
A copy of this app was provided to me, however, all opinions expressed in this review are my own. 
When you first open the app, you are welcomed by this screen. You are able to create a log in account or continue with the one you are logged into.
From there, you are prompted to choose KIDS or ADULTS. Depending on what category you choose, will determine the sequencing activities you are able to complete. For example, if you choose kids, you are prompted with activities such as: buying a candy bar, cleaning your room, carving a pumpkin, painting a picture, etc. If you choose adults, you are prompted with activities such as: doing laundry, locking a door, ironing a shirt, and telling time. This app comes with 2 activities for both kids and adults. You can purchase additional activities for .99 a piece. 
Below is a screen shot from the Getting Dressed activity. To complete this activity, simply drag the pictures into the correct order to complete the sequence. 
Once your student finishes the activity, he/she is prompted with a score and the option to Try Again or See Results. 
Below is a screen shot from the results page. 

This app was very easy to navigate and figure out without having to watch a video tutorial. I like that there are multiple activities divided into adult and kid categories. The graphics will not make an adult client feel like the are using a child's app, which is a big deal for SLPs working in hospital/rehab settings. I also like that this app keeps a history of each user and their scores. This is great for paperless data collection. Adding a notes section to record specific information about how the client did would be helpful. If you think this app would be something you would like to try, download a free copy from the iTunes store here. Like I said earlier, the free version of this app contains 2 activities for adults and 2 activities for kids. However, if there are specific tasks you want to work on with a student, each additional activity is .99 or $9.99 for a whole category (still very reasonable.) My students love when they have the option to working on a skill on the iPad. Thank you SOAR Therapy for the chance to review this app!

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