Spice Up That Speech Homework!

Thursday, February 28, 2013
Anyone else counting down the days to Spring Break? I know I am and  lately I have been in a major speech homework rut! I was not sending home my homework folders because I had nothing new to send home. Once the kids started asking me for homework (say, what?!) I knew I needed to do something quick! I was on a search for new homework ideas and found a whole binder full! So here are some new ideas that have spiced up my homework folders!

Natalie Snyders has created some really awesome articulation homework packets- in fact her store is filled with them! She has created some general articulation packets that could go home daily or weekly with your students. What I really like about Natalie's packets is that they include activities, not just a list of drill words. Below are a few examples of her homework activities.
  • Being a speech detective: finding words that contain a target sound to put in their Detective Notebook.
  • Visiting the Zoo: drawing pictures of animals that contain a target sound. 
  • Describing Detective: students have to use descriptive words to describe a word that contains the target.
  • Word Search Puzzles
  • Crossword Puzzles
In addition to the everyday homework packets, Natalie has also created monthly themed homework packets. I loved her February packet filled with adorable artic worksheets covered in cupcakes, hearts, and lovebugs! To check out Natalie's Teachers Pay Teachers Store, click here!

CC from the If Only I Had Superpowers blog has some pretty amazing homework packets as well. She has created homework packets for a year! When I saw this I thought, "A year? A year of not planning homework? Count me in!" CC has a worksheet for every week of the year filled with speech and language activities. No excuse for not sending home speech homework now! CC even has a whole packet of social language homework. Here is an example of one of her October homework sheets: 
Check out CC's Teachers Pay Teachers store here!

Shannon from Speechy Musings has also created some great articulation packets. Her packets are separated by sounds and are age appropriate for students 3-12. She includes a variety of activities for each sound. Below are some examples of her homework activities.
  • Circle the picture
  • Decorate the.....
  • Write a sentence
  • Fill in the blank
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Cut and Glue

 Here is another homework packet that will make you "smile!" It comes from Teach Speech 365. She has created two homework packets that address articulation and grammar. The idea with this packet, is that the students color in the smiley faces as they practice their target. Here is a screen shot of one of her pages:

You can visit Teach Speech 365's Teachers Pay Teachers Store here!

One last resource for some great homework materials.... and this one is FREE!
Have you visited Ms. Lane's SLP Materials yet? She has got some great free materials. My favorite are her story activities. Students cut out pictures at the bottom of the page and have to put them in the story where it is fit. The pictures all contain target speech sounds. Below is a picture of an "ar" story:

I hope you all have found this helpful, I know I did. These are some great homework ideas that will get you through the rest of the school year.... and then some!

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