A First Attempt at Speech Centers!

Friday, November 9, 2012
I have been wanting to try speech centers ever since I saw a video about Artic Lab from Super Duper. This year I finally got the guts to try them. I found a blog post from the Dynamic Duo that gave me some serious motivation. This is still a work in progress, but I'd say the first week went well!

I decided on 4 centers
1. Listening Centers
2. iPad Center
3. Activity Center
4. Table Talk

For the time being, I created labels for each center that I have taped on my whiteboard. I wrote the students names under what center they were assigned to. I used my cell phone to set a timer for each session. For the first week, we rotated after 5 minutes. I wanted to have time to explain each center and then chat with the kids after we were all done to get their feedback. One major tip: make sure the kids are familiar with the app or activity before you assign that as a center. That way they don't interrupt your table talk time. 

Center 1: Listening Center!
For the listening center, I have the students listen with headphones to a powerpoint presentation I created. The presentation has 65 slides of words that contain their sound in all positions. I had no clue you could record your own voice onto a powerpoint slide! 

Center 2: iPad Center
With this center, the students will use an app that is decided by me. This is not a free play time. If they are caught not using the correct app, they will not get their name in the fishbowl (our reward system!) This week I had the students do some oral motor exercises with the SmallTalk Oral Motor Exercises app by Lingraphica.

Center 3: Activity Center
This week I used "Say and Do" Artic game board for my activity center. We have played this game before, so the kids knew exactly what to do in this center. 

Center 4: Table Talk
During Table Talk Center, I work one on one with a student. This gives me time to work specifically on their goals and take my data points. 

I also created a Speech Sound Counter worksheet for the kids to take with them to each center. They set a goal and write in tally marks each time they practice their target. At table time, I tally for them so they have less distractions. (This week, only 2 centers had speech production to tally. The students do not practice their sounds at the listening center and the iPad Center was oral motor exercises)

Overall, I think it went over very well. The kids told me "That was fun!" (yay!) and they got to try new things! I would recommend trying them in your room (if you have the space!) Any ideas or suggestions? I'll be posting new activities as we do them in our centers!
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