More Organizational Freebies!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012
I can't believe there are only 2 days left of summer break! I hope you all enjoy your last few days and don't think about work too much. But if you are like me and are already planning how you are going to plan... here are some freebies for you!

First up... some organizational labels for your room!

Next... a template for a letter to send home the first week. I like to send home a letter each year to introduce myself and let parents know when their child will be receiving speech. Since speech is only a few times a week, parents can plan doctor and dentist appointments around the speech schedule.

Finally... a new behavior chart. I have seen on Pinterest the charts that you use with clothespins and wanted to created my own. Put each child's name on a clothespin. They can come in and put their name up on the "Read to Work" section. Move their name up and down the chart depending on their behavior that day... the goal is to be a "Super Speechie!" I used "Teacher's Choice" as the final result for bad behavior because I know we all use different methods for discipline (parent contact, teacher note, etc)

I hope you find these helpful! Have a relaxing weekend!
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